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Tuesday Night Teens (TNT) 

Purpose: To offer students a place to develop their understanding of Biblical text, expand their leadership skills, and learn to live in discipleship by practicing godly behavior.


Tuesday Night Teens combines praise and worship with thought-provoking group Bible studies to kick off each week in an atmosphere and energy in which young people can exalt God together in an intimate setting. A foundational curriculum is based around current events, questions, and concerns relevant to today’s youth.

Small groups are assigned and set annually. Mentors facilitate as Student Leaders guide their peers in group discussions resulting from the evenings’ Scriptural messages. In this setting, Student Leaders are encouraged to practice delegation skills, learn how to communicate effectively, and motivate their peers at Teen F.L.O.W. – where leaders are made!

Thursday Night Thunder (TNT) 

Purpose: To encourage connection and curiosity through Christ-centered activities, motivational speakers’ experiences, and question/answer forum participation.

Teen F.L.O.W.’s Thursday Night Thunder utilizes recreational activities related to accounts in the Gospel, and gives students a unique opportunity to directly inquire further into the speaker’s life. Supporting the students’ desires to understand God’s unfolding plan in the lives of others assists in cultivating their own.

L.I.F.E. Camp 

L.I.F.E. Camp is designed to answer questions you may have in your teenage years about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Education, Sports, Friendship, Dating, Drugs, and other questions you are struggling with.


L.I.F.E. is an acronym for Living In Fullness Everyday.
This camp is on the premises of Teen F.L.O.W. here in Midland, TX and is for teenagers who desire to know more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and academic opportunities.  Summer games and activities help the Youth meet new friends from different walks of life.


Morning devotionals and Praise & Worship prepare and teach youth how to get started and prepare for the day.  Motivational speakers encourage youth to stay in school and live healthy wholesome lives. The games teach the youth how to work together, tackle barriers, and the Bible studies build a foundation for their spiritual life.

Summer Camp 

Summer camps vary from outings to the lake to organized Youth Camps.  These camps are filled with exciting programs, challenging games, Praise & Worship, dramas, talent shows and extensive bible studies.


The camps schedules differ from camp to camp, all having one thing in common; to equip the youth for service in the Lord.  Having the chance to get away from the world for a week, going to camp where you will spend time with God, and leaving your problems behind, can be such an uplifting feeling in their lives.

Out of School Bash 

School is out for the summer, it’s time to celebrate! With school out, youth seem to be more vulnerable to get involved in the dangers and negativity that lurk in the streets. Teen F.L.O.W. hosts an annual Out of School Bash, to introduce the youth to many different activities they can become involved in for the summer.
Along with the bash, a Motivational Speaker, who can relate to the hardships the youth go through, share a bit of their life story in hopes that it will enlighten the youth into becoming honest and well respected Christians.  Furthermore, they are to engage in   Praise & Worship, which will surely get everyone on their feet jumping to praise our Lord.

Back to School Bash 

Each August the youth prepare for another long, work-filled school year.  Knowing the stresses Junior High and High School can produce on young lives, Teen F.L.O.W. works on building strong foundations of encouragement and hope for these youth through Jesus Christ.  The Back to school Rally includes up-lifting Praise & Worship, Motivational speakers, great food, exciting games and attractions.  Youth are being shown the light through these simple, yet impacting elements of the rally.  There is always something new each year!  With every year that the good Lord has blessed us with, it is only getting better than the year before!

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