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volunteer / Mentor / Motivational speaker


Two areas of support: 


Ministry Nights: Tuesday and Thursday 4:00pm-7:30pm. We are looking for our volunteers to provide leadership guidance/support to our students.



Pick-up from schools 3:45pm- 4:45pm

Drop-off to students home 7:30pm-8:30pm 


*Ministry Van used for transportation. 



Be a part of students' lives and help transform them into positive Christian leaders. 


We ask you to commit at least 1 year. You will be assigned a table on Tuesday Night Teens and mentor to about 8 students. 

You will discuss the Bible study scripture and provide guidance with personal situations. 

We ask that you close with prayer or assign prayer to a student.

Motivational speaker

Come share your testimony with our students on Thursday Night Thunder. We ask you to share your personal story with our youth. You will be given our theme for that year and welcomed to build from the verse or where ever the Lord leads you. You will have 20 minuets to share your story and open up for questions at the end.


Sharing your journey allows connection to our students in recognizing the uncertaintly life gives but the impact that God has guided in support. 


All Volunteers and Mentors must undergo a background check before volunteering as well as pass our Child Protective video training. Please fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire and email form to or drop off at facility.

Thank you  for your support!

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