God works in amazingly good ways. I grew up in a church that I loved, until I turned 10. I felt like something was missing. I stayed at the same church until February 7th 2020. That was the day my life changed for the better. February 7th I went to Stonegate Youth, I realized that missing piece. Stonegate taught me in a way that I understand. While this is going on I go to a great after school group called Teen Flow. I met Roman and he said  "guess what?". I was so confused, then he said " Jesus loves you". I then realized that this was the place to be, so I met everyone else there and they were sooooo nice. Fast forward months, I am now a leader at Stonegate, and I help at Teen Flow. I talked to Monet at Stonegate about getting baptized. Its time to surrender my life. Everyone at Teen Flow said they were going and I was so happy, I can't explain how excited I was. So July 26th at 10:30 am I was baptized with the help of Chacha, Teen Flow, and Stonegate.



My mom had my brothers before me and my dad was always smoking weed. We ended up leaving my dad because he cheated on my mom, My mom was really depressed and my Grandma would take care of me and my brothers. My dad wasn't really around when I was young, weed was more important I guess. Durning this time my mom went out and met my step dad which he was an alcoholic and things would get really bad when he would drink but we also had good times as well. When he missed his sons he would drink and my mom would blame herself for it and hurt herself. I was hurting and never showed my emotions. My step dad would be real hard on me, I guess he was preparing me for the world. Times were hard, we struggled with our water and electricity being out. I started smoking, doing nicotine, skipping class and being with girls. Somewhere along the way I started focusing on God. I ended up moving here to Midland and my parents made me go to Teen Flow, which at first I didn't really want to go, I didn't realize that this place is filled with joy and happiness, you can get away here and be yourself. I started growing in the Lord and he began to correct me and change me. I have been learning to forgive people and Teen Flow  has helped me to grow in God. I am grateful for God and my family at Teen Flow.



My testimony is that God has stopped me from going down the wrong path, I was going down the road to being a Crip. I had a lot of friends and family members that were crips and I had a lot of aggression mostly because I had family issues at home and my granny passed away so I started getting rage attacks and just finding people to fight and all the anger led me to smoking and drinking but thanks to God and Teen Flow, I stopped worrying about my money and future and started trying to be a better person. I still get rage attacks and sometimes I just want to fight but God helps me to get through the anger.