I started coming to Teen F.L.O.W. when I was in the 7th grade. My friend Edwin told me to come and check it out. When I started coming I thought it was so much fun. I love everything about this place and it gives me something to do other than just going home and being bored. I enjoy the food, playing basketball and listening to the bible studies. 



I first heard of Teen F.L.O.W. through a family member that invited me to come and see what it is was all about. So I gave it a try and started coming to Teen F.L.O.W. one summer. I've been at Teen F.L.O.W. for a while now and the time that I've been here it's been amazing and shown me a lot. TF has changed me in a lot of good ways and shown me what I'm worth. Especially when we have motivational guest speakers their stories really impact me a lot. ANd when I come to TF that's really what I look forward to. As well as I'm grateful for the staff here, they're always there for me and I can always trust and talk to them about anything. 



I cam to Teen F.L.O.W. back in December my best friend wanted me to start going after school. On my first day at TF it was great everyone was so nice and welcoming. I felt at hime. I really enjoyed the bible studies and how it make me realize that I am not alone and that God is always with me. It feels great to have a place I can come and feel accepted.